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BridgeSwitch Code Library for FAULT Status Communication Interface

This archive contains a code library and application programming interface (API) for an exemplary implementation of the BridgeSwitch IC FAULT communication interface using a Cypress PSoC microcontroller. It includes a PSoC Creator IDE version 4.1 project file, C++ code examples to support the API, and documentation on the available functionality.

BridgeSwitch Single-Phase BLDC Fan Motor Control Code Library

This archive contains the BridgeSwitch Single-Phase BLDC Fan Motor Control Code Library and is designed to be a starting point for creating firmware to control BridgeSwitch-based inverter technology.  It includes a sample implementation of a 900-RPM Axial Fan with rated current of 220 mA.

High-voltage IGBT Driver Family with Reinforced Galvanic Isolation for Switching Semiconductors up to 1200 V

Designing reliable, low and medium voltage electronic power systems has been made easier with the introduction of the SCALE-iDriver™ IGBT and power MOSFET gate driver from Power Integrations. The new drivers incorporate Power Integrations’ proprietary FluxLink™, a solid insulator, magneto-inductive coupling, communications technology. The FluxLink interface and eSOP package provide